About Us

What we believe in

We are Masjid Tech, a company that believes in leveraging technology to benefit places of worship. Technology is a powerful tool and is used across the business spectrum to gain the upper edge on competitors – likewise it is used in governmental departments, charitable organizations to acquire more donations and exposure, schools to improve levels and quality of teaching, hospitals to improve medical procedures, and so on.

Technology opens up a whole new world for these companies and organizations, it has helped transform them for the better, providing numerous benefits. On the basis of that, you can probably tell Masjid Tech are a firm believer and advocate for technology, moreover we thoroughly believe it can be utilized in so many ways to benefit any place of worship, from churches to mosques.

It is this fundamental belief that has acted as the flagship to start this company. We have seen so many places of worship benefit from technology – including the local religious places that we visit on a regular basis. Such success encourages us to stay true to what we believe and carry on spreading the word of technology and how it can be harmonious with religion, the benefits are simply too good not to consider one of our services.

The benefits of technology in houses of worship

So what benefits have we seen? Well, there have been a lot. A common service of ours is security installations, we have installed cameras and locks in several places of worship who were previously subject to hate crimes or were under threat of proposed hate crimes. Adding these layers of security helped prevent any further crime – making the community feel a lot safer and preventing any damage that hate crime may have caused. In a completely different project we installed sound systems in places of worship, where before the audience at the back struggled to hear the speaker, as they were having to raise their voice to be barely heard. The sound system that we have installed has helped prevent that, allowing for the people in the back to hear with complete clarity, and for the speaker to speak normally rather than having to raise their voice.

The above two examples just show how a simple technological setup can improve a place of worship and the people that use that place. While technology and religion are not by ‘definition’ the perfect match – they seem to go hand in hand rather well, as technology can definitely improve a place of worship and the services that it offers. Whether the service is education, prayer, events, community workshops, marketing and advertising, you can be sure that technology can help.

Technological services we offer

Currently we offer an array of services from web development to digital signage. We source all of our equipment, provide expert advice, set you up with maintenance and provide you the best possible price on the market, as this business isn’t about the money. All of our services are offered on a pro-bona rate, as a way to give back to these places of worship who help form and shape local communities who frequently undertake charitable and community engaging work.

If you want to know more about pricing and what equipment we use, feel free to get in touch with us directly, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, you’ll find a summary of each service on this website, similarly if you are interested in learning more about how technology can benefit your place of worship, feel free to check out the resources we have supplied.