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Welcome to Masjid Tech

We are a company that firmly believe technology can be used to improve the services in places of worship

Technology is becoming more and more important in everyday life. The technology era came quickly leaving many businesses and organizations behind as they were unwilling or too slow to incorporate the latest technology to their advantage. For places of worship the story is slightly different as technology isn’t essential, not incorporating it isn’t as detrimental as a leading publishing agency not buying the latest printers for example.

While technology isn’t essential in a place of worship – it is in our eyes, at the very least, important. If you are looking to improve how your place of worship functions, technology is definitely the way forward. The services Masjid Tech offer are all designed to benefit your place of worship greatly, whether it is installing a security system to eliminate or prevent hate crime or installing a network infrastructure and setting up computers for local classes within the place of worship, whatever the problem, aim or ambition you may have, consider how technology can help.

Here at Masjid Tech you will get the uppermost professionalism from us. We have installed and maintained various technological systems in all places of worship including mosques, churches, traditional temples and so on. For us, this is about giving back and therefore you will find that our rates are very fair when compared to other technology providers.

First time visitor? .... Find out how, why and where you can use technology in a place of worship!!

Our Services

Any place of worship, whether it is a mosque or a church, can benefit greatly by leveraging technology to its advantage. Below are a handful of the services we offer

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