Web Development

Lack of religious online presence

Since incorporating Masjid Tech we have found that a lot of places of worship do not have a website and if they do, it is very outdated, poorly designed and lacking key functionality. This concerns us, here at Masjid Tech, we see websites as a fundamental component to any organization or business in today’s digital environment.

Proven benefits of places of worship

Having setup a couple of websites for mosques, churches, Buddhist temples and so on, we have noticed how beneficial it has been for them. The benefits are dependent on each website but so far we have seen increased engagement, better social cohesion within the community, more people at events, more volunteers, more donations and more people at times of prayer. The reason for this is simply the functionality that comes with a website – especially one created by us.

Website features and places of worship

Our knowledge of website development and the needs of houses of worship makes us the perfect candidate. We realize the importance of key features such as being able to securely donate money online, being able to read the latest news articles from the place of worship, being notified whenever a new event is created, being able to listen to sermons online or watch videos of special occasions that have been recorded. All these benefits are great and will make a massive positive impact on your place of worship and the related communities it effects.

Theme Development: All Religions

While we do bespoke website development, providing the functionality highlighted above and any other features you may find useful for your associated church, mosque or other we are also in the midst of developing a theme that will offer similar functionality and be highly customizable and intuitive to use. In other words, we are looking to create a theme that will be affordable and customizable. This will essentially give you two options, to purchase the theme which will be relatively inexpensive but more difficult to setup or enquire about bespoke development where we will build you a website from scratch.

Both options will help places of worship create a website that looks and plays the part. On top of that, we also have various affordable hosting packages, social media campaigns and search engine optimization specialists for hire, if that’s what you are looking for.