Why Use Technology

House of worship and Technology?

The technological era almost appeared out of nowhere. It is however a blessing when it comes to improving various services – especially services in places of worship. Let’s be honest, places of worship aren’t competing and money isn’t a goal, these places are about community cohesion, worship, guidance and faith. In that sense, you may wonder how technology can be beneficial and why your place of worship should be incorporating it. And yes, it should be noted, it is still possible to get by without any technology, and many churches and mosques do this to great success.

Technology should still be heavily considered

It comes to the point where not using technology makes no sense. Why struggle with raising your voice to boom around the interior of the place of worship for the people at the back not to hear? You could simply just invest in an audio system and everyone would be able to hear important announcements and prayers without the speaker struggling to raise his voice and listeners struggling to tune in.

The above example is obviously common sense – sound systems are becoming essential in places of worship and most tend to be incorporating them. But why stop there? How about incorporate a video streaming service, so those not well enough or those in another country can still partake and listen/watch important meetings, prayers and hymns. Likewise, why not have a website to provide another platform for your place of worship? Here you can collect donations, release community news and even host video and audio recordings.

Be open minded with technology

The message we are trying to get across is to be open minded when it comes to technology and how it can benefit a place of worship greatly. At Masjid Tech we have seen how technology can improve the day to day proceedings of mosques, churches and other holy places, we have seen how it can be used to organize the place of worship, we have seen how technology can be used to make the community more cohesive and larger in size, we have seen so many benefits and no real negative.

On the basis of that, we are incredibly passionate about these sacred places adopting technological systems, so the community that uses the place of worship can get the most out of it. So while we acknowledge and will continue to acknowledge that places of worship don’t need technology – we stand by the fact that technology can significantly benefit these holy places and therefore it should at the very least be considered by the committee or speaker.