IT Support

When technology starts playing up

Technology can be great but at times it can be frustrating if said technology starts to play up and malfunctions. We totally get this and how annoying it might be if you have used some technology in your church or mosque or other place of worship, and it starts playing up, especially if that piece of technology is relatively new.

Masjid Tech and IT Support for small Places of Worship

We offer IT support to make sure that whenever you have an IT issue, we will fix it for you either remotely or onsite if needs be. We acknowledge that most places of worship with the exception of large monumental institutions will not need constant IT support. For example, at most small places of worship, whether it is a mosque, church or other you will probably only have a sound system, a video recording system, wifi perhaps, a security system, and whatever else – not to mention all of these systems will be fairly small in size and complexity. Consequently, it would be pointless to have a rolling IT contract, monitoring, schedules maintenance and so on, instead we believe pay as you go at a pro-bona rate is the best solution for all parties involved.

Masjid Tech and IT support for larger Places of Worship

Pay-as-you-go IT support is ideal for small institutions like places of worship, it provides that necessary support at times when it is truly needed, thus helping save costs. If however, you are a significantly large church, mosque or other that may also have classrooms or offices in the same building, and consequently you have a lot of users and technology that need IT support, we have you covered as well. Masjid Tech has close ties with a2ztechnologies who are a complete IT partner that specialize in IT support for both small but in particular larger companies and organizations. You can either enquire about that through this website or you can visit to learn more about a2ztech.